Which Anti-Graffiti Product Suits Best

The option of which anti graffiti product to stipulate depends on both the aesthetic requirements of the surface and whether the surface will be maintained by a professional or a home renovator. Effectively there are three methods in which coatings enable graffiti to be removed which vary in cost and simplicity of removal.

Surface Look Concerns

In the case where the characteristic of your facade is natural rock or unpainted concrete, a two-pack finish (even a clear) may not provide you with the appearance you desire, but a surface treatment will. If, nevertheless, you need to coat your substrate in a special colour and keep it graffiti free, then a two-pack finish is your best option.

Care Concerns

A merchandise that is sacrificial might be a great starting point with its water-based, simple graffiti removal, low VOC qualifications and simple reapplication, but what occurs if the right process is forgotten by the asset manager and efforts to remove graffiti with a standard (solvent based) graffiti remover. Does the building (for example a railway station) have distinct restraints like a extremely big or long construction wall area. Before you decide contemplate all the attributes you need, and speak to a graffiti removal specialist first.

Sacrificial Treatments

APP Surfaceshield® S is a water-based microfilm surface treatment providing protection against graffiti as well as normal dirt and pollutant in the air. APP Surfaceshield S allows for the efficient, powerful and safe removal of the majority of kinds of graffiti, saving treated surfaces from high-priced conventional methods of removing graffiti including chemical stripping or scarifying.

Non-Sacrificial Surface Treatments

APP Surfaceshield® HD (heavy duty) is a water-based, non-film forming solution. It penetrates without changing the look of the substrate seeping into even the tiniest pores. Pollution and graffiti can be removed using hot water pressure.

APP Surfaceshield® High Definition-H (heavy duty, horizontal) is perfect for shielding trafficable surfaces against spills, oily materials, chewing gum, food and spots.

Long-Term Two-Pack Coatings

Durethane® Clear is a clear two-pack polyurethane obtainable in high and matt shine. The Matt Clear may be used on concrete.

Quantum® FX is a semi gloss polyurethane that is metallic offering a higher level of metallic sparkle for sale in 60 colours.

Weathermax® HBR is a gloss polyurethane for brush or roller and also can be applied as a spray. It’s an ideal anti-graffiti topcoat for maintenance work.

Acrathane® IF Clearcoat is a clear gloss epoxy acrylic appropriate for existing concrete finishing.


Coatings are chemically active so as to efficiently break down the graffiti. Personal protective gear should be worn whilst managing and using graffiti-removing agents; skin tissue can be affected by them. Steel wool or abrasive nylon pads can assist the removal of heavy deposits of graffiti.

To find out more, please contact the Dulux Protective Coatings Technical Adviser.