Easy-on Graffiti Coating True permanent protection

Easy-on is a groundbreaking graffiti prevention coating which also shields exterior and interior walls from stains, marks and scuffing.

Easy-on anti-graffiti coating is a transparent, non-stick, durable finishing coat for walls, and vertical surfaces. It can be painted with a brush, roller or spray-on. Easy-on anti-graffiti coating cures in around 4 hours and will withstand thousands of cleaning operations. Easy-on anti-graffiti coating is widely used to protect walls, subways, bridges and street furniture and resists vandalism from all graffiti media including permanent marker pen, spray paint and sticker-bomb.

Easy-on works in much exactly the same manner as a non stick frying pan – although contaminants and graffiti can get purchase on the nonstick easy-on surface they’re easily and fast removed using nothing more than cleaning agents that are safe and moderate. In several cases water is all you are going to have to generate a result that is perfect.

Easy-on has been analyzed extensively for the satisfaction and is the only real anti graffiti coating in the whole world to be given “True Permanent” standing from the National Materials Research Institute in Great Britain.

Creates a long-term, easy to clean surface. Raises the durability of coatings that are existing and prolongs the interval needed between redecoration. Superb for high traffic regions including stairwells and hallways.

Application feathering borders of any coating system that was damaged but complete. Before application and mixture, temperature of the substance must be between 10ºC and 20ºC for optimum application.

Slowly add absolute contents of Remedy tin and mix into a uniform consistency. Apply one thin coating by little or brush roller without diluting. Utilize a cross-lapping way of application to prevent misses and ensure borders and corners are covered. When the surface is porous don’t try to cover with a single application. Apply a thin coating, leave for 3 – 4 hours, then to partly reduce porosity, apply a second light coat.


  • Resists graffiti and protects coatings. Stops absorption of graffiti and enhances other Coated surfaces to provide long term durability.
  • Apply to any surface!
  • Compatible with clean metals, brick, concrete, tile, mortar, timber, plaster, etc or as a protection over existing coatings.
  • One coat – easy application – permanent finish.
  • Weathering and UV resistant.