Dulux Graffiti-Removing Agent

Dulux Graffiti Eraser™ is a rapid, flexible, and strong-acting graffiti-removing agent. Most permanent markers, aerosol spray paints, inks, crayons and lipstick can be effectively removed in a matter of minutes, typically, from the surface.

To effectively break down the graffiti this chemical is chemically active and may be rather corrosive. Personal protective equipment should be worn whilst managing and using graffiti-removing agents; if they may be powerful enough to attack paint effectively, they could damage skin tissue also. Steel wool or abrasive nylon pads can assist the removal of heavy deposits of graffiti.


GRAFFITI ERASER™ is formulated to remove graffiti from DULUX® Anti-Graffiti coatings effectively, easily and economically. It is effective against common graffiti substances including spray paint, inks, permanent markers, crayons and lipstick. It really is odour and can be used for repeated cleaning’s – simply apply and wipe off.

1. Apply a mist coat of GRAFFITI ERASER™ directly onto the graffiti.
2. Wait 3-5 minutes for graffiti wrinkle or to dissolve. Wipe off with a clean white rag (don’t reuse
Filthy rags). If more than two programs of GRAFFITI ERASER™ are needed to remove tenacious
Spots, rinse the area with clean water and wipe dry before re-applying.
3. Walls or aged graffiti may require scrubbing with a soft natural bristle brush.
4. Avoid GRAFFITI ERASER™ contact with rubber materials including gaskets, etc. Swelling may
Happen on prolonged contact.
5. Discard used rags in a closed container.


This really is an industrial product designed for use by experienced Protective Coating applicators. Contact the
nearest Dulux® representative for advice before painting. Don’t implement in conditions outside the
parameters stated without the express written permission of Dulux®. Wear safety
goggles and gloves and prevent prolonged skin contact. If used on coatings not established by Dulux®,
damage to that coating may occur. The merchandise shouldn’t be used on classic decorative coatings
Or surfaces as it may soften and maybe remove the coating. If there’s some doubt in regard to the coating it should be
removed from the surface as soon as possible.