Anti-Graffiti Coatings

Protective Coating Types

Sacrificial Coatings

A clear coat barrier which if vandalised can be removed (sacrificed) using a high-pressure washer which takes any graffiti with it.

Semi Sacraficial Coatings

A penetrating sealer which if vandalised the can be removed using a combination of graffiti removal solvent and high-pressure washer.

Permanent Coatings

These work by creating a protective surface that spray paint cannot bond to and all that is needed to remove the graffiti is a solvent and scrubbing.

What Is Graffiti?

Graffiti is the deliberate defacement of property without owner’s approval. As they are easy to hide and fast to employ graffitists favour aerosol paint cans. Heavy duty marking pens, paint, crayons lipstick and nearly anything else that makes a mark can also be used.

Graffitists favour exceptionally observable areas that are rarely cleaned, as these walls present an enduring showcase for their work. The truth is that where graffiti is removed rapidly, following graffiti is considerably slower to appear, as such areas will not be deemed to be worth the effort, and labels are more likely to appear on walls already carrying graffiti tags, as the egotism of the graffitist is not going to let an opponent’s label remain unchallenged.

So, a highly effective strategy against graffiti must contain (among other things) an effective anti-graffiti system which allows quick removal of the offending graffiti and reinstatement of the initial look.

Anti Graffiti Products

An anti-graffiti product is a surface treatment or protective coatings that are used in graffiti-prone areas for the prevention of irreversible adhesion of graffiti to the substrate. Please note that “anti-graffiti” will not mean the coating or treatment prevents graffiti. What it does mean is that graffiti can be removed economically and immediately, which can deter the reappearance of graffiti. Due to the broad variety of painted and unpainted surfaces graffiti is applied to and the plethora of graffiti media, entire removal of graffiti cannot be ensured in all situations.